Gymnasts: Fashion and Safety in Gymnastics

Being Able to See is Always Helpful

Keep your hair out of your face and tie back long hair. Hair can obstruct your vision, get caught on equipment or you can pull it on skills like back extension rolls.

Fashion Safety

Don’t wear dangling earrings, necklaces or other jewelry. They can get caught on your leotard or gym clothes, on the equipment, mats or carpet. Earrings torn out of your ear – that’s gotta hurt. Rings can scratch the bars and pinch your fingers.

No Valuable Jewelry

Don’t wear any valuable jewelry in the gym, especially into a loose foam pit. You may never find it or find only by pulling out every single piece of foam in the pit. Take it from the girl who lost her mother’s diamond stud earring and spent three full days sifting through the pit and dust and dirt at the bottom of the pit to find it. She never did find the back to it.

Tight is Right

If you wear socks to class, make sure they fit tightly. You don’t want them to come off in the pit and get lost. And you don’t want them to bunch up and possible create poor footing on skills or landings.

What Not to Wear

Don’t wear hair ties with hard objects, like plastic balls, on them. Skills, like back extension rolls, or falls can press them painfully into your head. There is no place in the gym for dangerous hair ornaments however decorative or stylish.

This is Not Ballet

Don’t wear slippery nylon tights, like you commonly see in ballet classes. They are not appropriate or safe in a gymnastics gym. They can cause you to slip on both beam and bars. Incidentally, if you wear tights to keep warm on floor or vault, gymnasts wear them outside their leotards, not inside like dancers. This allows you to remove them quickly and easily for events on which they are inappropriate.

Don’t Be a Bag(gy) Lady

Don’t wear baggy shirts or sweatshirts. Your vision can be obstructed if your shirt goes over your head when you are upside down. This can make it difficult and unsafe to tumble or perform on apparatus. Baggy clothing can also caught on spotters and equipment or wrap up your spotter’s hands.

No Studs in the Gym

Don’t wear any clothes in the gym to work out with belts, metal studs or buttons. The uneven bars are especially likely to get scratched with these. They can also scratch up your instructor or maybe even you.

No Heavy Metal

Wearing metal objects like belt buckles can damage gymnastics equipment, especially the uneven bars and which could result in splinters in your or other gymnasts hands. Rips are bad enough. Don’t compound the hand problems

Contact Time?

If you wear glasses, you need to make sure they are safe and secure. Wear a strap with glasses if they fit too loosely or tend to come off. Not only they can fall off and perhaps break, but also they could come partially off and poke you in the eye. You need to find some kind of solution for your glasses situation if you are unable to see well enough to vault or to see your coach clearly enough and contact lenses certainly fill the bill. If you want contacts anyway, here is a legitimate reason to ask for them.

Nail It

Keep your toenails and fingernails closely clipped and manicured. The rough and jagged edges of both toenails and fingernails can get caught on the floor exercise carpet and cause a painful tear. There is no place in gymnastics and the gym for extremely long nails. Hey could break or even scratch your coach.

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How to Control Your Nerves on the Gymnastics Balance Beam

Nervousness and tension are extraordinarily everyday in creative gymnastics. Specially in terms of the stability beam. Via some distance, stability beam is the event that nearly each gymnasts get the maximum frightened approximately.

The thought of tumbling four ft over the floor on a four inch beam can be very frightening. It doesn’t count number how a great deal experience you’ve got, you’ll nevertheless get frightened while it’s your flip to compete your balance beam routine. There are some matters you could do as a gymnast to put off anxiety and nervousness.

Reducing down you anxiety earlier than you compete stability beam at a gymnastics meet isn’t always something that comes smooth. It takes quite a few exercise! but in the long run it’s far worth it.

Competing a balance beam recurring is manner specific then being at exercise and performing it. You may do your stability beam habitual in practice a thousand instances and never get worried after which visit a gymnastics meet and collapse once you mount the beam.

The question is, how are you going to remove your tension and anxiousness at a gymnastics meet?

You may dispose of nervousness by means of competing! However the trouble is there is not enough meets in a season to get loads of revel in from. This indicates you want to create conditions that will help you train and put together for a gymnastics meet apart from exercise and opposition.

You can begin by performing your stability beam recurring whilst there are loud progressive/cheerleading lessons within the gym, or when a birthday party goes on. You could additionally strive turning up song definitely loud while working towards your gymnastics beam recurring.

Invite friends and circle of relatives to observe and inspire them to speak and cheer while you’re on the beam. Whilst all that is happening you need to try to awareness and music the entirety out. some other excellent way to exercise is to visit as many small/amusing gymnastics meets as possible.

Just remember if you fall off target your tension stage will upward push, this is not a great thing. So do not rush it, take a deep breath or even a quick pause if wished. It’s far better to get a small deduction for going through the years or for pausing for your routine than to get hold of a deduction for a fall

Plus after you fall it’s miles an awful lot tougher to get again up and finish with out letting your tension get the pleasant of you.

The toughest component approximately beam isn’t always the gymnastics dance, talents, turns, jumps, or leaps which can be within the routine, it’s far the mental inclinations the gymnast’s have.

The principle cause ladies shake on beam and get so frightened is because they are head cases. that is by way of a ways the hardest element to recover from! The only matters that can help with intellectual dispositions is exercise, exercise, exercise.